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Event Support Team

About our Team...

Our Event Support Team is lead by a team of of Adult Leaders who have a wealth of knowledge in Event Leadership & Management. These range from First Aid Cover, Radio Communications, Event Marshalling, Road Crossing Teams, Sweep Teams and Checkpoint Staffing.  

If you'd like to enquire about any of our Event Services, please email us for further information.

Services we offer...

Checkpoint Staffing

We have a dedicated Team of Checkpoint Volunteers who have a wealth of experience supporting and running a Checkpoint for a multitude of Events. 

The Checkpoint Team have the appropriate equipment ensuring Checkpoints have shelter, kitchens, Wi-Fi including Computers for Tracking and Refreshments for participants. 


Radio Communications

We have extensive knowledge of Radio Communications and have a dedicated team of Volunteers able to help support your event. 

The Team have PMR, UHF & VHF handhelds and vehicle mobiles meaning you will have appropriate coverage across your event site.

The Team will be on hand to help support your event, including running a professional Event Control Room. 


First Aid Cover

Our Event Support Team are able to offer First Aid Cover for a number of events. We mainly support with Scouting Events, however are able to support other organisations. 

We have a number of trained professionals such as FREC 3 & 4 Responders, Paramedics, Nurses & other Health Care Professionals.

Please enquire with us to see if we can meet your event need requirements. 

**Please note we use information provided to us by organisations and refer all information through the Purple Guide**


Event Marshals

We have a Team of dedicated Event Marshals. Our Volunteers are on hand to support with a multitude of events. We have supported events such has St Giles Walks, Park Runs, Local Festivals, Markets and much more!

Our Marshal's have experience in working with other Community Groups and Organisations on events. 


Event Logistics 

The Team have a range of equipment that can be used to help support events. If you need something specific for your event please contact us and we'll see if we can help. 

Equipment Suggestions:

  • Marquees.

  • Outdoor Kitchen Equipment.

  • Portable Toilets.

  • Tables, Chairs, Benches.

  • Outdoor Shelters.

  • Tents.


Parade Marshalling

Our Event Support Team has co-ordinated the Hednesford Remembrance Event for the last 3 Years with support from Hednesford Town Council and other Community Volunteers. 

We have experience in marshalling Road Closures and Rolling Road Block for Events & Parades. 

For more information please get in touch with us.

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